Need help posting an ad?

  1. At the top of the screen you should see a button that says “log-in.” If you are using a phone, it will be three lines that will open up a window for creating an account. You can also hit the “Submit Ad” button and it will take you to the log-in screen. Your user name cannot have spaces. 
  2. After clicking on the log-in button, you will be taken to a screen to log-in. Click on “Create One Here” at the bottom.
  3. After clicking on “Create One Here,” you will go to a register page. Field out all the fields, click the button at the bottom to agree to terms and conditions and the click “Register Now.”
  4. You will then click in your “profile settings” and click on “verify now.” That will send a link to your email account. Once you verify your account, you are ready to start posting classified ads.